Talk to Dar­ryl Young and the ethic be­hind ‘H D On Ice’ be­comes clear. He runs IDP moto at Sil­ver­stone, the shop H D went to for con­vert­ing their 750s into mam­moths for the new ice age. ‘It was a bit of an eye-opener for us as well as them,’ he says. ‘You do all the usual stuff like take off ev­ery­thing you don’t need, then you put all that weight back on with the tyres and studs. Pick up that rear wheel,’ says Dar­ryl. I do. It weighs a tonne. ‘There are 600 studs and they are screwed in dif­fer­ent direc­tions too. Some are an­gled for brak­ing, some for drive, the rest for side grip. ‘You think it’s just “bang some studs in” then you find out it’s as com­pli­cated as pretty much any other form of bike rac­ing.’ The Xr-style chas­sis mods; Öh­lins rear shocks, chain drive con­ver­sion, bars, pipe, in­clud­ing the Xr-style seat unit (re­shaped in a deeper form to cover the rear frame rails), will shortly be avail­able as a kit from IDP. idp­ (01327 855752).

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