Life is bet­ter when you have good neigh­bours, and mine is Lisa who runs this 1994 Har­ley-david­son 883 Sport­ster which, in the hands of Here­ford’s Shark Mo­tor­cy­cles, has un­der­gone a grad­ual trans­for­ma­tion with ride­abil­ity and strik­ing looks main­tain­ing equal sta­tus. Firstly it got a mod­er­ately tuned 1996 1200cc en­gine, but be­ing a 20th Cen­tury hog, it han­dled, well, like a hog and didn’t like stop­ping in a hurry. So Shark had the bright idea of fit­ting an en­tire front end from a Suzuki Ban­dit, the 1200 ver­sion, ob­vi­ously, which holds ex­actly the same 16in wheel as sits at the back, mak­ing for a far bet­ter sus­pended, quicker steer­ing and proper stop­ping bike, all nicely set off with a shorty front fender. New yokes had to be ma­chined from solid bil­let while other cus­tom items in­clude a weath­er­proof Le Pera leather seat, a Su­per­trapp ex­haust and re-jet­ted carb, a sharks­fin tail­light and oval halo­gen head­lamp. The smaller front wheel and the small but comfy seat ren­der the Har­ley ideal for some­one of Lisa’s, ahem, trim stature and be­cause she likes to ride fur­ther than the end of our street with­out fill­ing up, her bike now has the 2.5 gal­lon ‘King’ tank that was in fact a Sport­ster op­tion dur­ing the ’90s. Way to go, neigh­bour.

’94 Sport­ster: it’s all about strik­ing looks and ride­abil­ity

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