It’s al­most green


Ok, it’s a stretch to say the H2 SX is en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly, but bear with me. The rea­son Kawasaki de­vel­oped the H2 in the first place was be­cause they knew they couldn’t just keep mak­ing the ZZR big­ger and big­ger be­cause of emis­sions regs and petrol prices. The su­per­charger was a way to in­crease ef­fi­ciency while main­tain­ing power, and the H2 was the test bed. But the H2 SX is where we start to see its po­ten­tial to al­low almighty bikes to stay within fu­ture leg­isla­tive and so­cial lim­its. Progress with su­per­charg­ers could coun­ter­bal­ance the new rules. As Watan­abe said: ‘When I de­vel­oped other en­gines, each change I made gave me per­haps 1bhp. Every change I made with the su­per­charger was giv­ing me 10bhp.’ There’s po­ten­tial to be greener and faster…

Quick­shi er works well go­ing up, less so go­ing down Every bike needs a mas­sive snout. Frame was beefed up to cope with pil­lions

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