Bad deal


I read the Royal En­field/ Hitch­cocks fea­ture (Bike, Septem­ber) with great in­ter­est. I was par­tic­u­larly in­ter­ested in the new 650 In­ter­cep­tor. Suit­ably en­thused I vis­ited the RE site to find a dealer and was pleased to see there are sev­eral close to where I live. I headed down to the near­est dealer only to find the shop shut (on a Satur­day morn­ing). I sent an email to said dealer, never re­ceived a re­ply, so aban­doned that line of en­quiry, tried two other RE deal­ers with emails and phone calls and got nowhere. To say I’m dis­ap­pointed in the lack of cus­tomer ser­vice from RE deal­ers is an un­der­state­ment. Mr Lal and his man­age­ment team need to give their deal­ers a good ‘kick’. RE have in­vested sub­stan­tial sums in the UK so fall­ing at the first fence with dealer sup­port would be a shame.. Ian Mor­gan, email

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