Carlo Longhi

BIKE (UK) - - DUCATI - From: Italy Age: 28 Rid­ing for: 5 years

I’VE DONE 2000 miles on my V4, and I’ve only had it two months. It was the first V4 in Fer­rara, the town where I’m from. I saw it, and I bought it. I am a lit­tle bit crazy. The bike is my girl and my ther­a­pist. I am in love with this bike. It’s the third Du­cati I’ve owned. First came the Hyper­mo­tard, then the Mul­tistrada En­duro. But I found the Multi was too big for me. You have to be very tall to ride the En­duro. I sold it to help pay for this V4. I wanted to try some­thing dif­fer­ent. For long travel it is dif­fi­cult, but the sound and the feel is like an emo­tion. I don’t keep it clean. I like it dirty. In Ital­ian we have a phrase: ‘to the pub.’ I don’t just ride this V4 ‘to the pub,’ so I don’t have to keep it clean. In­stead, I ride it to the lake or the moun­tains. I’ve rid­den it to the Stelvio Pass al­ready. It was very long, and very dif­fi­cult. My next plan is to take it to Nord­kapp in Nor­way. That’s 2500 miles away, but I’ll stay strong. In the morn­ing I’ll have a big break­fast, and then ride it all day long. The en­gine feels like a roller­coaster. I get on, turn the key, and then ride a roller­coaster for five hours straight. My legs are shak­ing like a freez­ing dog when I get home, and I love it. Maybe next year I’ll buy the Ter­mignoni 4 Uscite (Four Ex­its) ex­haust sys­tem, be­cause the noise and the flames are amaz­ing. But it costs a lot. The world of Du­cati is an ex­pen­sive world. Some peo­ple think Du­cati should stick to build­ing V-twins, but I don’t agree. I be­lieve V-twin devel­op­ment is fin­ished. There’s nowhere left to go. But the V4, it’s like a new­born baby. I can’t wait to see what Du­cati do next with the en­gine.

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