Dainese’s D-air Rac­ing sys­tems fo­cus on pro­tect­ing col­lar­bones and shoul­ders. They de­ploy on high­sides, and low­sides if the wearer starts to roll. The D-air Road sys­tem also pro­tects the chest and de­tects low­sides with or with­out rolling, high­sides, head-on and lat­eral (T-bone) col­li­sions. Dainese’s Street airbags use an ‘M Kit’ – four sen­sors on the bike that recog­nise crash con­di­tions and or­der the ‘J kit’ – an airbag gilet – to in­flate. Alpines­tars’ Tech-air also comes in two ver­sions: Street and Race. Both are de­signed to de­ploy in the event of im­pact, col­li­sion or loss of con­trol, and they cover the back, col­lar­bones and chest.

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