Airbags blow up safety


Ber­ing C-pro­tect airbag vest £ 370 The CŠpro­tect cov­ers the chest, ab­domen and the full length of the back, from col­lar­bone to coc­cyx. It’s a me­chan­i­cal airbag that in­flates when its cord is de­tached (see con­nec­tor on the vest’s belly). It in­flates in 100 mil­lisec­onds and af­ter de­fla­tion you can change the CO2 car­tridge ready to use again. Tex This Spidi neck Vest Neck pro­tec­tor £360 DPS is de­signed Airbag to be worn over your nor­mal mo­tor­cy­cle gear. It’s light at 1.3kg and is de­signed to in­flate around the neck area only. This should dras­ti­cally re­duce the amount of force trans­ferred to the neck in the event of an ac­ci­dent. It in­flates us­ing a chord at­tached to the bike. Dainese D-air Rac­ing Misano suit £1740 Top-spec race suit with a 4-litre airbag that cov­ers neck, shoul­ders and col­lar­bones and de­ploys in 35 mil­lisec­onds. Con­nect the suit to a com­puter to down­load full 2D dat­a­log­ging from in­te­grated GPS and ac­celerom­e­ter. Want more? Buy the range-top­ping £3400 Mugello R with kan­ga­roo leather, a 9-litre airbag that also cov­ers ribs, and a 36ms de­ploy­ment time. airbag Alpines­tars vest £1000 Tech-air With Alpines­tars, you buy the airbag in vest form at £1000 and then fit it into an Alpines­tars suit or jacket, like the £1600 GP Tech V2 one-piece or the £160 Viper tex­tile jacket. The airbag in­flates in a su­per-quick 25 mil­lisec­onds and cov­ers the back, kid­neys, chest and shoul­ders. In race mode, the vest can ac­tu­ally in­flate twice, hav­ing two can­is­ters on­board.

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