In praise of Peter


I was touched by Peter Boast’s ar­ti­cle (Bike, De­cem­ber 2018) about his giv­ing up road rac­ing af­ter los­ing friend James Cow­ton at the South­ern 100. I saw them both at Cad­well Park, 23 June, not long be­fore the South­ern. James was sit­ting with Pete and shar­ing his awning for the week­end. They were chill­ing out and chat­ting away in rel­a­tive pri­vacy as mates do at club races. They were both clearly just out for the hell of it at a low pro­file BMCRC meet­ing that was mostly for the side­car boys. I wish I’d taken a photo of them both chat­ting but I didn’t want to in­trude on their day. Pete looked like the wise old sage he is, im­part­ing all his wis­dom to the very quick young pup. Peter’s ar­ti­cle re­minds us that how­ever de­tached and fo­cused rac­ers need to be, some things hap­pen that change their per­spec­tive of rac­ing and of life – they are only hu­man. Mike Wood­ward, email

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