Tri­umph Street Twin

Hinck­ley’s best-sell­ing Bon­neville gets an up­grade

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Bike says: ‘The new one gets 18% more power and a lighter crank­shaft ’

The old Street Twin was a no frills big-seller. Its 900cc par­al­lel twin en­gine was perky enough to rat­tle down a coun­try lane at a hugely en­ter­tain­ing pace, the non-ad­justable sus­pen­sion was just about able to cope, and the lack of elec­tronic frip­peries meant you could just get on and go. New riders, Sun­day cruis­ers and hun­dreds of cus­tomis­ers adored it. And now, say Tri­umph, it’s bet­ter. The new one gets 18% more power (now 65bhp) and a lighter crank­shaft and bal­ance shafts which let the bike rev higher. Plus there’s a mag­ne­sium cam cover and a lighter clutch. The forks are now higher spec car­tridge jobs (as op­posed to the old bike’s damper rods) which should give the Street Twin a more pro­gres­sive, plush feel down grotty roads. An ex­tra 10mm of seat foam should help mat­ters. So far, so un­equiv­o­cally bet­ter. But there’s some new elec­tronic giz­mos too. For 2019 the Street Twin gets Road and Rain modes which seem an un­nec­es­sary com­pli­ca­tion given that the en­gine will hardly need tam­ing in the wet. The new tyre pres­sure mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem might come in handy though, es­pe­cially for those riders who leave the bike alone over win­ter.

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