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FZ 1S suf­fers trea­cly fox turd is­sues…

BIKE (UK) - - LIFE - John West­lake New bike editor Been rid­ing for: 33 years An­nual mileage: 14,000 Owns: 2008 Yamaha FZ 1S, Li­fan Mon­key Bike.

NO MAT­TER HOW old I get, I still seem ca­pa­ble of school­boy er­rors. This time it’s to do with the FZ-1’S chain, which I have man­aged to trash. Know­ing I would be leav­ing the FZ stand­ing for a cou­ple of months while I rack up miles on the CB1000R+, I sprayed the chain in lube, plugged in the Op­ti­mate and headed off to play in the sun­shine. What I for­got was that my last ride was wet, and al­though there was no sur­face rust on the chain, wa­ter was cor­rod­ing the rollers be­neath the lube. Two months later, most links are locked solid. Cock. Maybe if I get the chain off and soak it, it’ll heal. But first, the sprocket nut – if you take the chain off first it’s a pig to undo. Re­mov­ing the sprocket cover re­veals where the chain lube I’ve been spray­ing over four years has ended up. A mass of black gunge as big as my fist clings to the frame like a trea­cly fox turd. Af­ter scoop­ing out the de­posit and un­do­ing the nut, I grind off a cou­ple of chain rivets (fire ex­tin­guisher at the ready af­ter ‘The Dremel In­ferno’ of 2016) and off comes the chain. An overnight soak in paraf­fin does noth­ing so I hunt for a re­place­ment. Why are all chains gold th­ese days? I have no de­sire to wear a se­quined pink ban­dana, and I do not wish to adorn the FZ-1 with the mo­tor­cy­cling equiv­a­lent. Fi­nally I find a plain DID O-ring chain, with sprock­ets, for £90. Af­ter all that, I think I’ll get an au­to­matic oiler. Any rec­om­men­da­tions?

At times like th­ese it’s best to go to your ‘happy place’

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