Give us a brake!

Amaz­ing as it sounds MV’S Agusta Bru­tale RR re­quires a brake bleed­ing ses­sion ev­ery two rides. Here’s why… and how

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Squirt­ing reser­voir

The MV boils its rear brake †uid on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. The mas­ter cylin­der and reser­voir are bolted to the side of the oil sump, just un­der the clutch bas­ket. That means a run­ning en­gine trans­fers heat di­rectly to the brake as­sem­bly. This is the mess that es­cap­ing †uid made aŽer just €Žeen min­utes in a dyno shed. Pres­sure at the lever re­duces to zero. Time to bleed.

ABS Pump

pump, Start un­der bleed­ing the at seat. the Pull ABS the 5mm Allen o the pil­lion seat and un­screw the two seat bolts. In true MV fash­ion the two bolts are di er­ent to each other. The pump is the colour­ful box that’s re­vealed. It con­trols both front and rear ABS func­tion, and each is marked. Front hoses are yel­low and green, the rear are red and blue.

Bleed­ing the pump

Un­screw the €ller cap on the rear brake reser­voir. You can undo the bolts in situ, but you’ll need a short crosshead socket to crack them. Ready a fun­nel to aid in top­ping up with Dot4. Pad the ABS pump with tis­sue to catch †uid spills. No bleed nip­ple, so this is messy. Pump lever and crack red union €rst. Bleed three times. Re­peat with the blue. Tighten bolts to 18Nm.

In­fu­ri­at­ing caliper

Pres­sure is now re­turn­ing to the lever, but to get it rock-solid, you need to bleed the caliper. The prob­lem is it’s bloody di‹cult to get to in be­tween the chain and rear wheel spokes. If you leave it in place, you’ll need a shorty span­ner to crack the nip­ple. In the­ory, brake †uid main­te­nance should hap­pen ev­ery two years. In prac­tice, it’s ev­ery two rides.

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