Harley-davidson Livewire

It’s arriving in showrooms any time now. But will it sell?


Steve Jollands is manager of Sycamore Harley-davidson in Uppingham, Rutland…

Fast sell or slow burn?

Fast sell. We’re very enthusiast­ic about it – we’ve had a lot of enquiries already and a couple of people have said they’ll put down deposits once they’ve seen the bikes and had a test ride.

But it’s £28,995!

Yes, but you have to remember it’s not that much more than a [Harley] touring bike, and we’re selling good numbers of those. I know there are several dealers who have already taken deposits for the Livewire. For folks in London with a bit of money it’s ideal because it doesn’t cost them anything to ride across the city [there’s no congestion or ULEZ charge for electric vehicles].

What about servicing? It’s a bit different to a Sportster...

Indeed. The service technician­s have been trained up at the [Harley] university in Holland and the sales staff have been over there to ride the bike and get trained up on it too. I rode the developmen­t bike around Millbrook four and half years ago – it was really good, and I’ve been excited about being able to sell it ever since. The bikes should be here by the beginning of December.

So have you had the electricia­n round to install new plugs?

Yes, we’re all geared up and ready to go. We’ve installed three charging units – two regular and one fast charger. There are only eight or nine designated Livewire dealers because you’ve got to have that infrastruc­ture.

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