Buy­ing a Speed Triple?

Three things to think about

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If the cur­rent used ap­ple of your eye is adorned with af­ter­mar­ket bits (like mine), en­sure it also comes with all its orig­i­nal parts – if it does it’s a good in­di­ca­tion that the bike’s been well cared­for. Plus, any Speed Trip that ar­rives with enough parts boxes to fill your un­der­stairs cup­board won’t cost any more than a bike whose OE ex­haust has been thrown into the maw of ebay.

Rear wheel hubs can seize solid. Look down be­tween the swingarm and the rear sprocket and you’ll see the shiny teeth on the hub ad­juster. If the teeth are chewed up, the hub is likely seized. Fac­tor in a £500 price re­duc­tion to rec­tify. This kind of prob­lem also sug­gests the bike hasn’t been ser­viced cor­rectly, so check other crit­i­cal spots such as the sus­pen­sion link­age.

The ethanol in mod­ern fu­els can dam­age fuel lines and de­form fuel tanks, most no­tably here the plas­tic tanks fit­ted to 1997-2007 Speed Triples. The ef­fects of ethanol can be dif­fi­cult to spot, but make sure the bike is fu­elling well. Also check the tank doesn’t have any vis­ual de­for­ma­tion. The price for a used plas­tic re­place­ment tank is cur­rently £220.

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