Kawasaki ZZR1400

Power: 193bhp Engine: 1441cc Economy: 38mpg


Nowt quite like a ZZR. New revvy litre bikes may have more horses but can’t touch the 1400’s luxurious, planet-shrinking thrust. It’ll devour motorways with effortless class and despite girth it handles – steering and accuracy are far better than Suzuki’s rival (and defunct) Hayabusa. And now the ZZR is leaving. The final hyperbike will sadly be discontinu­ed next year, so this is your last chance to experience its heady mix of performanc­e and refinement. List for the Performanc­e Sport version (Öhlins, Akrapovic) is £15,849, but go for a 2019 model (better colours, actually) and pay under £14k. Regular 2020 ZZRS have £600 off, too.

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