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One of the most skulk­ing mem­bers of a genus (Sylvia) which has some pretty shy mem­bers (think Lesser Whitethroat or Dart­ford War­bler), the Barred War­bler is of­ten a very tough bird to see. They are also pretty scarce (bor­der­line rare) pas­sage mi­grants, which makes it even harder to see them! And don’t ex­pect to see a well marked, beau­ti­fully barred adult, as just about all pas­sage Barred War­blers which turn up in the UK are ‘this year’s birds’ (ju­ve­niles/first-win­ters). These look like big, ro­bust, chunky, thick-billed Gar­den War­blers, with cres­cents of brown on the un­der­tail coverts, a scaly rump and a cou­ple of buffy wing bars.


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