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1 From Mordi­ford, take the Wye Val­ley Walk and check the old farm build­ings as you pass but also be aware that there may be cat­tle. Check for House Spar­row and a pos­si­ble Tree Spar­row, Lit­tle Owl, Barn Owl and Col­lared Dove and House Martin and Swal­low at the right time. Black­birds and Wood­pi­geons will be seen on most of the walk.

2 Then try the val­ley with Robin, Wren, Field­fare, Kestrel, Mis­tle Thrush, Sky Lark and with late Swifts up in the sky. 3 Check the lit­tle re­serve area for Jay, Siskin, Nuthatch, Gold­crest, Pied Fly­catcher, Chif­fchaff and Black­cap. You may see a Green Wood­pecker.

4 Now up through the wood­land where there should be Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Great and Lesser Spot­ted Wood­pecker, Tawny Owl and hunt­ing Spar­rowhawk.

5 And fi­nally down through the open area and check the stream and scrubs and hedges for Dip­per, Yel­lowham­mer, Green­finch, Dun­nock and Pied Wag­tail.

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