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I re­cently read the in­ter­est­ing ar­ti­cle on rap­tor mi­gra­tion at Ei­lat in the July edi­tion of Bird Watch­ing. I no­ticed that a cou­ple of pho­tos were not what they seemed. The Black Stork photo on page 84 was clearly photo-edited and no at­tempt to hide it of course with the credit given to the two pho­tog­ra­phers (of the stork and the land­scape shot). How­ever, the shot of Le­vant Spar­rowhawks on page 87 gives a false im­pres­sion. It is clear that it is a mon­tage of birds, four of which are du­pli­cated in the im­age it­self. Pre­sum­ably, it has been con­structed from a num­ber of pho­tos (five) of sin­gle birds (and a blurred pair) to give the im­pres­sion of mass mi­gra­tion. I’m sure you and oth­ers were un­aware of this. As a pro pho­tog­ra­pher my­self, and some­one who is against photo ma­nip­u­la­tion of THE ED­I­TOR SAYS: There was no dis­hon­esty on the part of the pho­tog­ra­pher, but we should have made it clearer that our de­signer had tweaked the im­age for artis­tic ef­fect – apolo­gies for any con­fu­sion.

this kind, I find this is a bit dis­hon­est of the pho­tog­ra­pher con­cerned and I would pre­sume that such pho­tos would be avoided if de­tected. Steve Morrison

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