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Scan along the river and reedbeds for a hunt­ing Marsh or Hen Har­rier, plus Bearded Tit, Cetti's War­bler, Snipe, Wa­ter Rail, Lit­tle Grebe, King­fisher, Stonechat and Reed Bunt­ing. At dusk Barn and Short­eared Owls hunt the rough grass around the lodge. The dis­tant wood some­times at­tracts soar­ing Buz­zard, Kestrel and Spar­rowhawk.


Check wood­land edge for rov­ing tit flocks that of­ten at­tract Gold­crest, Treecreeper and maybe a win­ter­ing Firecrest, Black­cap or Chif­fchaff. Tawny Owl, Spar­rowhawk, Great Spot­ted and Green Wood­peck­ers, Nuthatch, Marsh Tit and Jay are res­i­dent in the wood where Siskin, red­poll and Cross­bill are all pos­si­ble. Wood­cock are of­ten flushed from rides. Fur­ther views across the marsh from a small hide for wet­land birds.


Din­gle Hills af­fords panoramic views across the marshes for wild­fowl, waders and rap­tors. Check heath­land scrub for Dart­ford War­bler, Meadow Pipit, Sky Lark, Stonechat, finches, tits and bunt­ings. A good spot to set­tle down and scan for roost­ing win­ter thrushes, Star­lings and corvids.


Scan the pools for wild­fowl such as Shel­duck, Wi­geon, Teal, Shov­eler, Gad­wall, White-fronted Geese and wild swans. Grey Heron, Lit­tle Egret, Av­o­cet, Lap­wing, Red­shank, Snipe, Golden Plover and Green Sand­pipers of­ten feed here. An­other good spot for rap­tors such as har­ri­ers, Pere­grine and Mer­lin. Check out the shin­gle beach for larks and pip­its, plus seabirds such as Gan­net, gulls, auks, divers and sea ducks off­shore.

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