Bird Watching (UK) - - Your Birding Month October -

Over the last 30-odd years there has been an egret revo­lu­tion in the UK. Now, it is quite pos­si­ble to see more Lit­tle Egrets than Grey Herons in the av­er­age day’s bird­watch­ing. In the last few years, a new egret has snuck in with very lit­tle fuss. Though less than 20 years ago con­sid­ered a bona fide rar­ity, Great White Egrets are now barely note­wor­thy in some parts of the coun­try. It will not be long be­fore they are reg­u­lar breed­ing birds across the UK. That said, they are still great birds and if you don’t have one (or more) on your #My200birdyear, you should get out and see one (or more), this month. They are much big­ger than Lit­tle Egrets, of­ten stand­ing taller than Grey Herons. Out­side the breed­ing sea­son, they have or­ange bills. And at all times, the long neck has a dis­tinc­tive ‘kink’ in it.


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