Rook pel­lets

Bird Watching (UK) - - Your Birding Month October -

Pel­lets are re­gur­gi­tated in­di­gestible mat­ter. Owls are the most well known pro­duc­ers of pel­lets, of­ten found near roost and nest sites. But many birds pro­duce them, in­clud­ing Rooks. They are most com­monly found below the com­mu­nal nest­ing ar­eas, known as rook­eries, orin fields where Rooks have been feed­ing. As Rooks largely feed on the ground, prob­ing for in­sects and plant ma­te­rial with their peg-shaped bills, the pel­lets largely con­sist of undi­gested plant ma­te­rial (es­pe­cially seed husks) and small stones, but may also con­tain bone frag­ments and feath­ers. They are about 3.5x1.5cm and are less elon­gated than Car­rion Crow pel­lets (look­ing a bit like owl pel­lets).

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