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Your bird­ing ques­tions an­swered and mystery pho­tos iden­ti­fied

Q I would be most grate­ful if you could of­fer some ad­vice on the ID of the bird I pho­tographed at Spurn, in bright sun­light. My thoughts turned to ju­ve­nile Com­mon Rosefinch, but I would be in­ter­ested in your opin­ion. Martin Smith A You are right in your ini­tial im­pres­sion that this bird is a finch, and we can see why you have thought of the no­to­ri­ously plain ju­ve­nile Com­mon Rosefinch (the ‘grotfinch’ of leg­end). How­ever, you are slightly wide of the mark, and we think you have failed to rule out the more ob­vi­ous com­mon al­ter­na­tive. This bird is an­other in­fa­mously ‘drab’ bird, the fe­male or first-win­ter Lin­net (also a finch). Note the slight con­trast be­tween the plain grey head (where you can just see the split pale eye-ring) and the streaked brown back. Note also the black­ish wings and tail with prom­i­nent pale fring­ing and what ap­pears to be some white outer tail feath­er­ing. The bill, though clas­si­cally finch-like, is also a bit thin for very blunt rosefinch bill.

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