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The Ice­land Gull and the Glau­cous Gull (col­lec­tively known as ‘white-wingers’) are the tar­get for gull lovers and list builders dur­ing the win­ter. Both species are Arc­tic-breed­ing close rel­a­tives of the Her­ring Gull, char­ac­terised by the lack of dark pig­ments in the plumage, par­tic­u­larly any black in the wing. Glau­cous Gulls are whop­pers, while Ice­land Gulls are slightly smaller than Her­rings, with a ‘kind’ Com­mon Gull-like ex­pres­sion and very long wings. Most of the few hun­dred Ice­land Gulls seen in the UK each win­ter are young­sters, ei­ther first-win­ters (be­low) or sec­ond-win­ters.

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