Wad­ing in the deep

Bird Watching (UK) - - #my200birdyear -

We are also blessed in the UK with huge win­ter­ing pop­u­la­tions of largely Arc­ticbreed­ing waders. Our muddy es­tu­ar­ies and mud­flats are hugely im­por­tant win­ter­ing grounds for such fa­mil­iar coastal species as Dun­lin and Knot, Golden Plover and Oys­ter­catcher. Red­shanks, Curlews, Grey Plovers and Bar-tailed and Black-tailed God­wits join the mud­flat party, and San­der­ling skip along the edge of the break­ing wave­lets on the beach. Avo­cets are be­com­ing fa­mil­iar in win­ter in some south­ern es­tu­ar­ies and on rocky coast­lines you should see Turn­stones, and, if you are lucky, the hugely de­sir­able Pur­ple Sand­piper will be with them. In­land, at suit­able sites, Lap­wings will be in large flocks and may be joined by thou­sands of shim­mer­ing Golden Plovers. And as al­ways, there is al­ways the chance of a rare wader to add to any year list.

Pur­ple Sand­piper

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