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No points for iden­ti­fy­ing this bird as a pi­geon or a dove. OK, you can have a very small ver­bal re­ward: “well done”. You are right, that plump body shape with a small rounded head and short­ish bill and beady eye are very typ­i­cally pi­geon- or dove-like. It is also clearly one of the grey pi­geon/dove species (the names pi­geon and dove are ef­fec­tively in­ter­change­able); of which there are three in the UK. These are Wood­pi­geon, Stock Dove and Rock Dove, which in its nat­u­ralised form (from his­tor­i­cally cap­tive, do­mes­ti­cated birds) is called Feral Pi­geon. Wood­pi­geons have pale eyes and Stock Doves black eyes. This bird has a red eye. The dark bill and oddly barred wings con­firm this is a Feral Pi­geon.

Key fea­tures

Typ­i­cal pi­geon shape Dark bill Red eye Odd wing bar­ring

Typ­i­cal pi­geon shape Dark bill and red eye di­ag­nos­tic Odd bar­ring on wings

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