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The rough ground here is where great grey shrikes have hunted in the past – also look out for finches such as Lin­nets and goldfinches, and stonechats.


more rough ground pro­vides good hunt­ing ar­eas for Kestrels, buz­zards and Red Kites, as well as be­ing a good place to look for Rough-legged buz­zards – the larger rap­tors of­ten soar over the belt of trees along the north­ern edge.


The large ex­panses of open fen here are the main place to look for hunt­ing rap­tors, again in­clud­ing Rough-legged buz­zard. The lane is lit­tle-used, so you can park safely in one of the run-off ar­eas and scan at length with a scope. ex­pect plenty of meadow Pip­its in win­ter, plus rov­ing finch flocks, corn buntings, and the likes of sky Lark pass­ing over­head. Keep an eye out for pass­ing herons, egrets and even cranes, too.


The fields here are also used for hunt­ing by rap­tors, but are gen­er­ally the best ar­eas to look for owls, with barn owls present all year and short-eareds join­ing them in au­tumn. The copse near holme Lode Farm of­ten at­tracts a large roost of Red Kites in win­ter – watch them start gath­er­ing from mid-af­ter­noon.

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