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Find a slope in Vil­nius and you may find breed­ing Green­ish War­bler. They tend to avoid flat ar­eas. De­spite its rar­ity in the UK, as a species it is fairly wide­spread, be­ing found in north-eastern Europe and tem­per­ate to sub­trop­i­cal Asia. They are strongly mi­gra­tory, win­ter­ing in In­dia. Green­ish War­blers pro­vide plenty of head scratch­ing mo­ments for or­nithol­o­gists as they are part of a highly con­fus­ing ring species tri­an­gle in­volv­ing two other sim­i­lar look­ing war­blers, namely; Green and Two-barred (Green). To con­found the is­sue even fur­ther, there’s an ar­ray of dif­fer­ent sub­species. So, good luck when con­fronted with one of these birds in an un­ex­pected place!

DAVID SAYS Get some ur­ban bird­ing plea­sure in Vil­nius!

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