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Bird Watching (UK) - - Part Four ‘WOW’ Factor -

Back­ground is a key el­e­ment in bird photography. One ap­proach is to en­sure the back­ground colour com­ple­ments the sub­ject, but at the other ex­treme it can be just as valid to pro­vide a strik­ing con­trast. Or you could try light­ing your sub­ject so that the back­ground is ei­ther ½ stop un­der-ex­posed or over-ex­posed when com­pared to the per­fectly ex­posed sub­ject. Ex­per­i­ment with depth of field and try to avoid clut­tered and com­pli­cated back­grounds. The stan­dard ap­proach to bird por­trai­ture would be to use just the right aper­ture to en­sure that ev­ery im­por­tant fea­ture of the bird in ques­tion is in fo­cus. But how about us­ing a min­i­mal depth of field with just the bill and eyes in fo­cus and ev­ery­thing else blurred?

To place this Si­nai Rosefinch in en­vi­ron­men­tal con­text a 105mm macro lens was used, to al­low for a large depth of field

To throw the back­ground out of fo­cus this Si­nai Rosefinch im­age was taken us­ing a 600mm lens and 1.4x con­verter

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