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A near to­tally sum­mer­plumaged White-billed Diver was off the north-east cor­ner of Kent, show­ing in­cred­i­bly well at times. The re­gion did not miss out on the Pal­lid Swift in­flux, with birds re­ported on the north Kent. BED­FORD­SHIRE HIGH­LIGHTS: A Yel­low-browed War­bler was at Hol­cot Wood (3rd). About 16 Waxwings flew over The Lodge, Sandy (3rd). A Great North­ern Diver was at Brog­bor­ough Lake (from 30th). Six Com­mon Scot­ers were on Ste­wartby Lake (17th). A dark-bel­lied Brent Goose was at Grove­bury SP (17th) and Pri­ory CP (26th). Hawfinches flew over Sandy, Sharp­en­hoe Clap­pers and Blow’s Down at the be­gin­ning of the month. Robin Chit­ten­den. For the lat­est bird news please phone 09068 700 245. Calls to 09068 700 245 from a land­line or mo­bile phone cost 65p per minute plus your phone com­pany ac­cess charge. Ser­vice pro­vided by Bird­line East Anglia. For en­quiries please call 0330 333 6946 or 07941 333 970. www.bird­li­neeas­t­an­ twit­­li­neean­glia face­­ten­den7


HIGH­LIGHTS: Din­ton Pas­tures had a Yel­low-browed War­bler (1st-2nd), Grey Phalarope (1st) and four fly-over Cranes (25th). Great White Egrets were at Pad­worth Lane GP (6th) and Moor Green Lakes (19th-22nd). A Cat­tle Egret was at Fob­ney Meadow, Read­ing (1st-6th). Three White-fronted Geese were at Dor­ney Wet­lands (26th).

DIN­TON PAS­TURES CP: High­lights in­cluded a Bit­tern (7th), Fer­rug­i­nous Duck (2nd-10th) and two Wa­ter Rails. QUEEN MOTHER RESER­VOIR: There was a Shel­duck (19th), three Red-breasted Mer­gansers (16th), a Caspian Gull (6th) and two Wa­ter Pip­its (21st). THEALE GP:

High­lights in­cluded nine Black-necked Grebes (17th), a Shel­duck (26th), three Red-crested Pochards (22nd-26th) and a Wa­ter Rail (20th). OTHER SITES:

Mer­lins were at Ro­den Downs (2nd) and Churn Farm (11th). Two Wa­ter Pip­its were at Fob­ney Meadow, Read­ing (1st-7th). A Black Red­start was at Cookham Rise (1st). A Firecrest was at Whiteknights Park, Read­ing (3rd-17th). Marek Wal­ford (www.berks­ BUCK­ING­HAMSHIRE HIGH­LIGHTS: A Black-necked Grebe was at Calvert (5th). Great White Egrets were at Col­lege Lake (2nd) and Lit­tle Mar­low GP (27th). Three White-fronted Geese were at Dor­ney (from 26th), with a Brent Goose at Tat­ten­hoe Park, MK (17th). A Scaup was at Dor­ney Lake (from 28th), with a Rock Pipit there (2nd). An Avo­cet was at Fox­cote Reser­voir (17th). Hawfinches were at Iv­inghoe Hills (2nd-3rd) and Great Ham­p­den (17th). CALVERT:

There was a Bit­tern, two Red-crested Pochards (6th), three Goosanders (27th), a Wood­cock (18th) and Caspian Gulls (1st, 3rd, 7th & 21st). COL­LEGE LAKE:

There were two Red-crested Pochards (6th), a Goosander (25th) and Jack Snipe (from 25th). IV­INGHOE HILLS:

There were nine Goosanders (2nd), Ring Ouzels (3rd, 6th & 10th), 124 Bram­blings (3rd) and 15 Cross­bills (13th). LIT­TLE MAR­LOW GP:

There was a Pin­tail (from 20th), Red-crested Pochard (19th), two Goosanders (20th-28th), Yel­low-legged Gulls (8th, 20th & 26th) and Caspian Gulls (3rd, 8th, 20th & 30th).

OTHER SITES: There was a Bit­tern at Mar­sworth (14th & 25th), Mediter­ranean Gull at Calde­cotte Lake (7th), Curlew at Bish­op­stone (18th), a late swift species over World’s End (20th), a Ring Ouzel at Pit­stone Hill (2nd), Firecrest at Flack­well Heath (13th) and 60 Cross­bills at Wen­dover Woods (from 10th). Adam Bas­sett (www.bucks­bird­



VAL­LEY: Three Great White Egrets were at Blashford Lakes through­out. A Cat­tle Egret was on Ib­s­ley Wa­ter (13th). Roost­ing gulls on Ib­s­ley in­cluded sin­gle Ring-billed and Caspian Gulls and up to six Yel­low-legged Gulls. A Bit­tern was on Ivy Lake (7th). Other win­ter vis­i­tors on Ib­s­ley in­cluded Black-necked Grebe (25th-26th) and up to two Wa­ter Pip­its, while one or two Marsh Har­ri­ers were seen reg­u­larly. Wild­fowl in­cluded five Pin­tail, six Gold­en­eye and 103 Goosanders. Roost­ing Star­lings peaked at 30,000 (22nd). Else­where in the Avon Val­ley, Great White Egrets were seen at Bick­ton (10th), New Queen Pub­lic House (25th) and Wat­tons Ford (25th).

HILL HEAD TO HAMBLE: High­lights off­shore were a Lit­tle Auk off Hill Head (5th) and a Red-necked Grebe off Brown­wich (17th), as well as Long-tailed Duck (22nd-25th), Velvet Scoter (from 23rd), Red-throated Diver (max. four), Great North­ern Diver (20th-22nd) and Slavo­nian Grebe (max. three, 19th-29th). A Snow Bunt­ing was at Hill Head (22nd-26th). Re­ports from Titch­field Haven in­cluded Ruff, Jack Snipe (1st-2nd & 27th) and Short-eared Owl (5th), plus up to 10 Wa­ter Pip­its by the canal path. LANGSTONE HAR­BOUR AND HAYLING IS­LAND:

Re­ports from Far­ling­ton Marshes in­cluded White-fronted Goose (23rd), Spoon­bill (9th), Short-eared Owl on just one date (2nd), Hen Har­rier (2nd) and Marsh Har­rier on five dates. Waders in­cluded up to 52 Avo­cets, Spotted Red­shank (3rd & 14th) and Jack Snipe (max. three). A Red-necked Grebe was in Langstone Har­bour (23rd), plus Great North­ern Diver (two, 11th), Black-necked Grebe (max. eight) and Slavo­nian Grebe (11th & 23rd). On Hayling Is­land, Yel­low-browed War­blers were seen twice (11th & 15th), while the Sandy Point area had Velvet Scoter (22nd), Red-necked Grebe (1st-2nd & 11th) and Slavo­nian Grebe (1st-2nd), plus Red-throated, Black-throated and Great North­ern Divers. LYMINGTON TO MIL­FORD-ON-SEA:

A Twite was at Nor­mandy Marsh (15th-16th & 25th-30th). Three Pink-footed Geese were in the Key­haven/pen­ning­ton area (from 18th), plus two White-fronted Geese (25th). A Bit­tern was seen once at Key­haven (15th) and a Great White Egret was at Nor­mandy Marsh (16th). Rap­tors in­cluded Hen Har­rier (20th), up to six Marsh Har­ri­ers, Mer­lin on four dates and Short-eared Owl (10th & 14th). A Black-throated Diver was off Pen­ning­ton (16th). A late Arc­tic Tern was present (8th), while a Lit­tle Gull was at Nor­mandy (21st). Win­ter vis­i­tors in­cluded Avo­cet (max. 10), Ruff (18th), Spotted Red­shank (max. six) and Wa­ter Pipit (6th). Mil­ford-on-sea had a Sooty Shear­wa­ter (29th) and there were also sight­ings of Velvet Scoter, Great Skua, Kit­ti­wake and Red-throated and Black-throated Divers

OTHER SITES: Vis mig at Twe­sel­down near Fleet pro­duced a Twite (13th) and Snow Bunt­ing (18th). A Snow Bunt­ing also passed over Trig­point Hill, Tims­bury (18th). Seven Cat­tle Egrets were in the Rom­sey wa­ter mead­ows (from 27th), plus a sin­gle at War­bling­ton (18th). Test­wood Lakes and Fish­lake Mead­ows each had three Great White Egrets, with sin­gles at a fur­ther five sites. Test­wood Lakes also had Bit­tern (from 4th) and Pink-footed Goose (12th-15th). Up to eight Spoon­bills were at Inch­merey. Yel­low-browed War­blers were at Kings Wor­thy (5th) and Ov­ing­ton (17th) and Black Red­starts at Mid­dle Wal­lop Air­field (2nd & 15th), Frat­ton (9th) and Red­bridge (17th). In the New For­est, Great Grey Shrikes were seen at Shat­ter­ford, Ober Heath, Bramshaw Tele­graph and Hamp­ton Ridge Tom Jor­dan

HERT­FORD­SHIRE HIGH­LIGHTS: Two Hen Har­ri­ers were in the area be­tween Ther­field and Roys­ton. A late Os­prey was at Tyt­ten­hanger GP (18th). Two Red-breasted Mer­gansers were at Hil­field Park Reser­voir (16th), with an­other at Tyt­ten­hanger GP (17th). A Smew was at Bowyer’s Wa­ter (20th). Two Shags were at Star­top’s End Reser­voir (21st). Wil­stone Reser­voir logged a Wa­ter Pipit (11th), San­der­ling (17th-19th) and Lit­tle Gull (17th). A Wa­ter Pipit was at Amwell GP (5th), with four Eurasian White­fronts there (21st-22nd). A Black Red­start was at Hemel Hemp­stead (13th). Robin Chit­ten­den. For the lat­est bird news please phone 09068 700 245. Calls to 09068 700 245

from a land­line or mo­bile phone cost 65p per minute plus your phone com­pany ac­cess charge. Ser­vice pro­vided by Bird­line East Anglia. For en­quiries please call 0330 333 6946 or 07941 333 970. www.bird­li­neeas­t­an­ twit­­li­neean­glia face­­ten­den7 KENT HIGH­LIGHTS: A Pal­lid Swift was at North Fore­land (4th & 13th), then Fore­ness Point (10th & 13th) and Recul­ver (12th). Oth­ers were at North Fore­land (13th) and New Rom­ney (16th). Cat­tle Egrets and Great White Egrets were seen in good num­bers at Dun­geness and Elmley. Pal­las’s War­blers were at North Fore­land (2nd) and Fore­ness Point (20th). A White-billed Diver was at Fore­ness Point, West­gate on Sea, Mar­gate and Min­nis Bay (3rd-9th). Rough-legged Buz­zards were at Chet­ney Marshes (8th), Minster (8th), Fun­ton Creek (8th), Manston (12th), Chislet (12th) and Bough Beech Reser­voir (21st). A Long-tailed Skua was at Hythe (10th). A Hoopoe was at Mar­gate (10th-13th). A Grey Phalarope was at Swale­cliffe (18th). A Siberian Chif­fchaff was at Sevenoaks Wildlife Re­serve (29th-30th). Robin Smith

SUR­REY HIGH­LIGHTS: The last Ring Ouzel was at Thorn­combe Street (15th). Hedge­court Lake and Fren­sham Great Pond held both Black-necked and Slavo­nian Grebes (17th), with a Great North­ern Diver at the lat­ter (30th). A Short-eared Owl was at Paper­court Wa­ter Mead­ows (from 13th). LON­DON WET­LAND CEN­TRE:

High­lights in­cluded three Wa­ter Pip­its, a Bit­tern, Gold­en­eye, Great White Egret, Jack Snipe, Marsh Har­rier and Short-eared Owl. STAINES RESER­VOIRS:

Five Red-breasted Mer­gansers were at Is­land Barn Reser­voir (17th). Other birds in­cluded a Black-necked Grebe, Caspian Gull, Green Sand­piper, Red­shank, Scaup and Wa­ter Pipit. OTHER SITES:

There were 35 Bar­na­cle Geese at Esher SF (8th). A Great White Egret re­mained at Rich­mond Park, with two at Tice’s Meadow, Farn­ham (2nd). Bed­ding­ton SF had a Great White Egret and Avo­cet (24th). A few Golden Plovers were re­ported from sev­eral lo­ca­tions. A Shag was at Stoke Mead­ows, Guild­ford at the end of the month. Peter Bryant

SUS­SEX EAST SUS­SEX: A prob­a­ble Is­abelline Shrike was recorded at Bir­ling Gap (2nd). A Lesser Yel­lowlegs was at The Midrips (3rd-4th). A Great Grey Shrike re­mained around Ash­down For­est. Rye Har­bour had a Cat­tle Egret, two Spoon­bills and a Great White Egret (1st). A Rough-legged Buz­zard was at Weir Wood Reser­voir (3rd). A Pal­las’s War­bler was at Beachy Head (5th-6th). A Com­mon Rosefinch was ringed at Litling­ton (6th). A Barred War­bler was at Winchelsea (16th). WEST SUS­SEX:

A Pal­las’s War­bler was seen at Lanc­ing (10th-13th). A Richard’s Pipit flew over Thor­ney Is­land (11th). Cat­tle Egrets were recorded at Offham (13th-17th) and Arun­del (15th-18th). A Grey Phalarope was off Selsey Bill (18th), with it, or an­other, off Church Nor­ton (20th). Robin Smith

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