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ID Challenge

How many dabbling ducks can you identify? Test yourself here


Throughout the summer, ducks seem to disappear. And this perception was, of course, their ‘intention’ all along. The idea, as you will surely know, is that during the risky period of summer wing moult, flight is compromise­d and brightly coloured drakes would be, to coin a phrase, sitting ducks for predators. So, by the power of natural selection, they evolved a strategy of moulting the body feathers to make them

resemble the crypticall­y patterned females. So, for a few months, all ducks look similar. Come the autumn, though, they start to look like they ought to, like this bunch of dabblers (ie non-diving ducks). All you need to do is name them, check your answers on the next pages, and if you crave a few more tips on identifica­tion of ducks (or indeed other birds), turn the page once more to see a few more hints and words of advice. Good luck.

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