Con­tempt for the will of the peo­ple

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DEAR Ed­i­tor, There is con­stant ref­er­ence from MPs to an­other ‘Peo­ple’s Vote’, ie. an­other ref­er­en­dum, but the next ref­er­en­dum will not be a re­peat of the Leave or Re­main ques­tion asked in the 2016 ref­er­en­dum.

If there is a sec­ond ref­er­en­dum on the Eu­ro­pean Union then the op­tions will be re­main or ac­cept the Theresa May with­drawal agree­ment.

A vote to re­main will re­turn us to full mem­ber­ship of the Eu­ro­pean Union with all of its con­comi­tant ben­e­fits: Yearly pay­ments into the EU funds, full free­dom of move­ment for all within the EU, the UK Par­lia­ment sub­or­di­nate to Eu­ro­pean Union con­trol, and all of the other ben­e­fits which those who voted leave wished to re­move.

A vote for the Theresa May with­drawal agree­ment will in­volve all of the above but with­out the right to vote on is­sues which may af­fect us.

The op­tions are to be hanged by the rope which pre­vi­ously bound us to the Eu­ro­pean Union or to be hanged by a newer, thin­ner rope.

The end re­sult is still the same, we will re­main in the Eu­ro­pean Union!

If there is a sec­ond ref­er­en­dum on the EU then it will prove two things; by ig­nor­ing the re­sult of the 2016 ref­er­en­dum, MPs will high­light their con­tempt for the will of the peo­ple.

They will prove the fu­til­ity of the bal­lot, when the re­sult can be over­turned be­cause it con­flicts with the “will of par­lia­ment”.

In that event, hav­ing voted in ev­ery elec­tion for 60 years, I will never vote again and I can only hope that oth­ers will show their con­tempt for Par­lia­ment in the same man­ner.

Dou­glas Sabin, Erd­ing­ton

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