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Death of teenager used in anti-vax propaganda

- Mike Lockley News Reporter

He was such an academic – a bright child. He touched so many people’s hearts. It’s left a hole in everybody’s lives Adam Ali’s uncle

MEDICS have dismissed false global anti-vax propaganda that a Birmingham teenager died after receiving his Covid jab.

Social media is awash with claims Adam Ali – “beautiful, bright and respectful” – was killed after receiving the injection.

The Post received three calls from campaigner­s demanding to know why we ignored the bombshell. They told our reporter we had a duty to report “the facts”.

The social media storm is based on fake news, doctors have stressed.

Mr Ali, a student at Alderbrook Sixth Form in Solihull, had not even received the vaccinatio­n, US news agencies reported.

In a statement to AP News, a spokespers­on for the Birmingham and Solihull vaccinatio­n programme at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust said: “We can confirm that Adam did not have a Covid-19 vaccinatio­n.

“The cause of his tragic death is currently unknown.”

The talented 17-year-old died at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital on September 19. A close family member said Adam was taken ill at his grandparen­ts’ home.

The former pupil at Light Hall School in Solihull was taken to hospital after suffering lower back pain and sickness.

His uncle said: “Doctors said his

blood pressure was high and his oxygen was low. They kept him in overnight and had a CT scan, which showed blood in the lungs.

“He was on a ventilator, then his heartbeat stopped. They tried to resuscitat­e him, but nothing worked.”

The tragedy has been leapt on by those opposed to the Covid vaccinatio­n programme.

One tweet states: “Adam Ali, 17-years-old from Alderbrook school, had his first jab, had instant adverse reaction, convulsing, blood clots.

“He died the other day within two weeks and not a word from the media.”

A video is also gathering a large following on social media.

The six-minute clip, posted on Facebook on October 3, features a man pacing back-and-forth in front of a building, respected news outlet Reuters reports.

Speaking into a microphone, the individual states: “Today, myself and nurse Sarah went into the police.

“We was there an hour and 45 minutes.

“We told them we were here to report a murder, the murder of Adam Ali from Alderbrook School in Solihull that [sic] has been murdered by the vaccine.”

The man added that the pair showed “paperwork” to a police sergeant, including reports from the “joint committee on vaccinatio­n and immunisati­on” and a copy of the “Nuremberg Code”.

Another tweet informs the public: “Thirteen-year-old Adam Ali died after having the jab. They are pressing charges for murder.”

Shockingly, a screenshot emerged alleging Adam’s school had told parents that the sixth-form student had died from a cardiac arrest a week after taking the vaccine.

It stated: “Hope now the school rethink their position with the killer programme.”

The campaign has only added to the pain endured by Mr Ali’s family.

An online appeal set up in memory of the talented student who planned to be an optometris­t – an eye specialist – currently stands at close to £11,500.

The money will be used to build a mosque and water wells in Pakistan.

“He was such an academic – a bright child. He was amazing and so respectful,” his uncle said.

“He prayed five times a day. He never missed prayers – Even in the early hours.

“He touched so many people’s hearts. It’s left a hole in everybody’s lives.

“His life has just started, it was blossoming. He had his whole life ahead of him.

“We want to build a mosque and water wells in Pakistan where it’s needed for those less fortunate.”

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