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SCOR­PIO (OC­TO­BER 23-NOVEM­BER 22) Get­ting through the ex­cit­ing and ex­hil­a­rat­ing days ahead should be a piece of cake. Lady Luck seems to be smil­ing on you as that pow­er­ful planet Jupiter en­er­gises your sign. This could be your lucky week. Bostin! LUCKY NUM­BER: 3

SAGIT­TAR­IUS (NOVEM­BER 23-DEC 20) Lace up them shoes, put on your best bib and tucker and above all en­joy your­self. This is party time and a good op­por­tu­nity to so­cialise and make new friends. LUCKY NUM­BER: 6

CAPRI­CORN (DEC 21-JAN­UARY 19) Your kind and benev­o­lent side is show­ing through at the mo­ment, but don’t let oth­ers mis­take kind­ness for weak­ness. There is a line to be drawn and it may be bet­ter to set out the perime­ters in your own mind now. LUCKY NUM­BER: 7 AQUAR­IUS (JAN­UARY 20- FE­BRU­ARY 18) You may feel as if you are go­ing round in cir­cles but heal­ing planet Venus is en­ter­ing a favourable part of your chart. This could lead to peace of mind in most things. LUCKY NUM­BER: 14

PISCES (FE­BRU­ARY 19-MARCH 20) ‘Softly, softly catchee mon­key’. Bet­ter to make plans qui­etly but if you re­ally want a chance, it has to be or­gan­ised with mil­i­tary pre­ci­sion. You don’t want to be pipped at the post by those who have other ideas, do you? LUCKY NUM­BER: 27

ARIES (MARCH 21- APRIL 20) What­ever the weather out­side, there should be sun­shine in your heart. Af­fec­tion, love and ro­mance all seem to reign supreme in the near fu­ture. This is one of those times when you will have lots of fun with­out laugh­ing. LUCKY NUM­BER: 16 TAU­RUS (APRIL 21-MAY 20) Avoid mis­er­able and pes­simistic peo­ple who only un­load their prob­lems on you. As you climb the lad­der of am­bi­tion, you can­not af­ford hang­ers-on. It’s time to put your foot down. LUCKY NUM­BER: 33

GEM­INI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) You should be rid­ing high as far as per­sonal fi­nance is con­cerned. You could find the old spon­dulicks com­ing out of your eye­balls. Maybe this will bring out a new­found gen­eros­ity in your life. LUCKY NUM­BER: 1

CAN­CER (JUNE 21- JULY 21) Changes may oc­cur soon but this should not dis­tract you from de­vel­op­ing the pos­i­tive el­e­ments of your life. In­spi­ra­tion and per­spi­ra­tion will make this a bostin’ week. LUCKY NUM­BER: 9 LEO (JULY 22-AU­GUST 21) Have no cot­ter with time-wasters or those who spud­dle. Ev­ery­thing as far as you are con­cerned needs to stay on the straight and nar­row. You need to be able to spot baloney and the old cock-and-bull story a mile off. LUCKY NUM­BER: 19

VIRGO (AU­GUST 22- SEPTEM­BER 21) Your Black Coun­try hu­mour and dry wit may be all you need to see you through the mixedup days ahead. Some­one is go­ing to come through smelling of roses, and it looks as if it is go­ing to be you. LUCKY NUM­BER: 17

LI­BRA (SEPTEM­BER 21-OC­TO­BER 22) Hang on for a day or two be­fore tak­ing de­ci­sive ac­tion. Jump­ing in with both feet could land you in the dog­house. Bide your time and you can crack the whip when nec­es­sary. LUCKY NUM­BER: 22

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