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SCORPIO Though a lot may rest on your shoul­ders at the mo­ment, you seem to clear all of life’s an­noy­ing hur­dles with ease. It’s your Black Coun­try per­sis­tence and de­ter­mi­na­tion that will get you to wher­ever you want to go. LUCKY NUM­BER 2

SAGITTARIUS It’s a dis­tinct change of di­rec­tion that seems to be driv­ing you on to greater things. Your love life looks siz­zling and the old spon­dulics stakes look bostin’. Who could ask for any­thing more? LUCKY NUM­BER 6

CAPRI­CORN Venus the planet of love is rid­ing high in your sign, what a good time to meet new friends and as­so­ciates who may now be drawn to the mag­netic at­trac­tion that you seem to be de­vel­op­ing. LUCKY NUM­BER 5 AQUARIUS Same old, same old, will just not do. It’s time to rein­vent your life and to en­joy all those things that you have re­ally wanted to do, but pre­vi­ously have put aside. It is time to let your hair down and have a ball. LUCKY NUM­BER 11

PISCES Flap­ping about and dilly-dal­ly­ing will get you nowhere. Try to make a proper plan and stick to what you de­cide. Then your true skills of lead­er­ship will emerge, and lead you to the suc­cess that you de­serve. LUCKY NUM­BER 17

ARIES As the pace of your life quick­ens, it’s all a mat­ter of find­ing the mid­dle ground and do­ing what you feel ca­pa­ble of. There are no prizes for com­ing first, but there could be great re­wards in just get­ting there. LUCKY NUM­BER 21 TAURUS Try to get your teeth into new op­por­tu­ni­ties of a pro­fes­sional na­ture. Jupiter is driv­ing your stars at the mo­ment, and this means that you can achieve what­ever you turn your mind to, as long as you con­cen­trate hard. LUCKY NUM­BER 16

GEMINI Its your charm and wit that will en­able you to en­chant those who mean the most to you. A fam­ily gath­er­ing or cel­e­bra­tion should prove a great suc­cess and will pro­vide a plat­form for some of your crazy jokes and pranks! LUCKY NUM­BER 1

CAN­CER It is im­por­tant not to try to go it alone, this is a time when see­ing and un­der­stand­ing the points of view of oth­ers is es­sen­tial. Maybe do­ing more lis­ten­ing and less talk­ing could prove to be use­ful. LUCKY NUM­BER 31 LEO The long and wind­ing road to suc­cess seems to have been avoid­ing you for a while. But as new and ex­cit­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties come your way, you can en­joy a free­dom, the like of which you may not have ex­pe­ri­enced be­fore. LUCKY NUM­BER 16

VIRGO Don’t take some of those moan­ing min­nies and prophets of doom at face value. It could be that amongst the rab­ble there are gen­uine peo­ple ready to of­fer you the hand of friend­ship. LUCKY NUM­BER 27

LIBRA Things seem to be as cushti as a pig in mud and ev­ery­thing seems to be slot­ting into place for you at ex­actly the right time. You might find your­self laugh­ing all the way to the bank. Lucky old you. LUCKY NUM­BER 60

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