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SCORPIO (OC­TO­BER 23-NOVEM­BER 22) The moon is cur­ry­ing favour upon what­ever you un­der­take and this in­di­cates that the weeks ahead should show love progress and un­ex­pected sur­prises. You should feel over the moon by the week­end. LUCKY NUM­BER: 2

SAGIT­TAR­IUS (NOVEM­BER 23-DEC 20) Take no no­tice of those who try to pour cold wa­ter on all your good ideas. It’s only be­cause they think they know more than you do. By us­ing your as­tute Black Coun­try acu­men you’ll call their bluff in no time. LUCKY NUM­BER: 16

CAPRICORN (DE­CEM­BER 21-JAN 20) Now you can re­ally make progress as far as work and busi­ness are con­cerned. It’s full steam ahead to a re­ally good fu­ture. As Saturn loosens its grip on your sign you can make hay while the sun shines and en­joy the good luck that is right­fully yours LUCKY NUM­BER: 1 AQUARIUS (JAN­UARY 20- FEB­RU­ARY 18) As a ma­jor con­stel­la­tion moves close to your sign you should find a sud­den up­surge of en­ergy which could sweep you off your feet. Take no no­tice of oth­ers, you are bang on the right track. LUCKY NUM­BER: 8

PISCES (FEB­RU­ARY 19-MARCH 20) At last you seem to be look­ing af­ter your own­in­ter­ests in­stead of let­ting oth­ers rule the roost. Use this unique pe­riod to bol­ster your con­fi­dence. You’ll prob­a­bly feel as if you could crush a tomato stand­ing on your head. LUCKY NUM­BER: 22

ARIES (MARCH 21- APRIL 20) Now you get to find out who your real friends are as you be­gin to do re­ally well mon­ey­wise. Watch ’em come out of the wood­work with their hands out and re­mem­ber: none of them would give you an um­berella when it was rain­ing. LUCKY NUM­BER: 8 TAURUS (APRIL 21-MAY 20) Hold your hat on, this looks like be­ing one of the best pe­ri­ods of your life for some time. Ex­pect the un­ex­pected and look for­ward to en­joy­ing your­self be­yond your wildest dreams. LUCKY NUM­BER: 1

GEMINI (MAY 21-JUNE 20) Use the ev­i­dence of your own eyes and try not to rely on the ram­blings of oth­ers. Only a sheep can have the wool pulled over its eyes so dont al­low your­self to be hood­winked into things that you don’t be­lieve in. LUCKY NUM­BER: 21

CAN­CER (JUNE 21- JULY 21) You seem to have the wis­dom of Solomon on your side at the mo­ment as you en­ter into a lot of good deals that re­quire sound judg­ment and a smidgin of Black Coun­try nous. In short if you have to do a deal do it now while that pow­er­ful planet Jupiter is on your side. LUCKY NUM­BER: 7 LEO (JULY 22-AU­GUST 21) It’s your charm and friendly dis­po­si­tion that will win the day for you. Fo­cus on those peo­ple that are on your side and you re­ally can’t go wrong. And there might even be a hint of Christ­mas ro­mance in the air. Lucky old you. LUCKY NUM­BER: 12

VIRGO (AU­GUST 22- SEPTEM­BER 21) Don’t be sur­prised if a blast from the past turns up in your life. This could open up new hori­zons for you and prob­a­bly serve to an­swer some pre­vi­ously unan­swered ques­tions. LUCKY NUM­BER: 14

LIBRA (SEPTEM­BER 21-OC­TO­BER 22) Meet­ings, dis­cus­sions and ne­go­ti­a­tions look very well starred this week. Be­fore mak­ing ma­jor de­ci­sions it may be an idea to lis­ten to a few op­pos­ing opin­ions, which will al­low you to suc­ceed in grace­fully get­ting your own way. LUCKY NUM­BER: 9

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