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SCORPIO The time is right for you to air new ideas and in­no­vate. Your creative streak could make you feel like one of Santa’s lit­tle elves, and this is the per­fect time of year for that. LUCKY NUM­BER 7

SAGITTARIUS You should be rid­ing high like the fairy on the Christ­mas tree. Time is on your side so try to savour the mo­ment and en­joy your­self while you can LUCKY NUM­BER 6

CAPRICORN Maybe you should do your own take on the three wise monkeys. In other words, see all, hear all, and say noth­ing. Keep­ing the con­fi­dence of oth­ers could be the right thing to do. Make this week a No Blab Zone LUCKY NUM­BER 9 AQUARIUS Stay bright and be care­ful to walk the line of op­ti­mism and joy. Your stars look bostin’ this week, and your life is mov­ing for­ward at break­neck speed. LUCKY NUM­BER 6

PISCES Tal­ent is up­per­most as you waltz your way through the dark days of De­cem­ber. An un­ex­pected wind­fall could brighten up your life and pro­duce some un­ex­pected dosh out of the blue. LUCKY NUM­BER 1

ARIES The sun is set­ting up a mas­sive pos­i­tive in­flu­ence in your sign which means that you could be in the driving seat of what­ever pro­ject it is that you seek to un­der­take. LUCKY NUM­BER 5 TAURUS Oth­ers may think you are crackers to start a new ven­ture, but the laugh will be upon them when you are rolling in the dosh and laugh­ing all the way to the bank. LUCKY NUM­BER 3

GEMINI Hold back a day or to be­fore you make any knee-jerk re­ac­tions. It’s time to think with your head rather than your heart – if ever there was a time when logic needs to pre­vail, this is it. LUCKY NUM­BER 8

CANCER Maybe it’s time for a com­plete spring clean, in the mid­dle of win­ter. Clear­ing the clut­ter from the past may well be just what the doc­tor or­dered to move your life on. So what are you wait­ing for? LUCKY NUM­BER 12 LEO It’s full steam ahead to a bostin’ pe­riod of time which may be so busy that it nearly sends you batty, but is well worth the ef­fort. Busi­ness plans look very well-starred. LUCKY NUM­BER 17

VIRGO It’s time to get on that prover­bial bike and get your­self mo­ti­vated. It’s no good feel­ing sorry for your­self – get­ting up off your as­pidis­tral is all you need to do to find suc­cess. LUCKY NUM­BER 16

LIBRA There are peo­ple around you who seem as crafty as a cart­load of monkeys. Try to see through the scream­ing ways of oth­ers and fol­low the in­tu­ition of your own heart. It’ll prob­a­bly turn out that you are right in the end. LUCKY NUM­BER 19

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