Your Stars

Black Country Bugle - - GAIL MIDDLETON -

SCOR­PIO Snap de­ci­sions and quick re­flexes will help you to make the cor­rect de­ci­sions. Put your foot down with a firm hand and you re­ally can’t go wrong. LUCKY NUM­BER 9

SAGIT­TAR­IUS The sup­port and help that you give to other peo­ple now will re­flect favourably on you in the fu­ture. It’s a case of what goes around comes around, and you de­serve ev­ery­thing that comes your way. LUCKY NUM­BER 11

CAPRI­CORN You dont need a think tank to know what is in your heart. Cupid’s ar­row is point­ing in your di­rec­tion and love is all around you. Per­haps you’ll have lots of fun with­out laugh­ing, if you know what I’m say­ing ... LUCKY NUM­BER 44 AQUAR­IUS Keep your fin­ger on the pulse and don’t al­low oth­ers to rule the roost. You are the gaffer, so stay on the ball and don’t be afraid to ex­ert your au­thor­ity. LUCKY NUM­BER 21

PISCES Speak now, or say noth­ing in the fu­ture. Now is the time to get your two penn’orth in be­fore oth­ers put a spoke the wheel. You have to grab your chance while oth­ers have briefly got their gobs shut. LUCKY NUM­BER 3

ARIES You may not be feel­ing much like a Christ­mas baubles, but the tide seems to be chang­ing in your favour. A wind­fall of cash should put the ic­ing on the cake for you, and what bet­ter time of year is there for that to hap­pen? LUCKY NUM­BER 6 TAU­RUS Keep your feet on the ground and let oth­ers do the don­key work. Min­imis­ing the stress is im­por­tant and should help you find some pre­cious time to work on your love life. LUCKY NUM­BER 12

GEM­INI Ev­ery­thing in life has an im­por­tant bal­ance and you have to re­alise that you must not rock the boat. Maybe keep­ing to the old rou­tine is not such a bad thing after all – stick with it and you’ll be fine. LUCKY NUM­BER 14

CAN­CER Now re­ally is the time to love thy neigh­bour. It looks as if of­fer­ing the olive branch is im­por­tant, love reigns supreme as you sort out your ap­proach to a bostin’ new year. A bit of plan­ning now will make all the dif­fer­ence in 2019. LUCKY NUM­BER 1 LEO Oth­ers may look to­wards you to take the lead in any im­por­tant tasks which need to be com­pleted now. So knuckle down and get these jobs out of the way, then you can put your feet up and re­lax. LUCKY NUM­BER 16

VIRGO An un­ex­pected vis­i­tor could change how you feel for the bet­ter, so keep an ear cocked for the door­bell. Rid­ing high and full of con­fi­dence is how you will win the day – so head up, back straight, march on. LUCKY NUM­BER 18)

LI­BRA Keep a pad­lock on your tem­per and try to be open-minded about the ac­tions of oth­ers. There are new and ex­it­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties wait­ing for you, just around the cor­ner. LUCKY NUM­BER 7

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