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SCORPIO New op­por­tu­ni­ties should ap­pear out of nowhere. This is a week of com­ings and go­ings but it is all made worth­while by big re­wards and lots of ex­tra spon­dulicks. Lucky old you. LUCKY NUM­BER 6

SAGITTARIUS Try to stay calm while oth­ers may be­come a pain in the neck – you need to put your­self in the driv­ing seat and let oth­ers know ex­actly what you feel. It’s a case of tell the truth and shame the devil. LUCKY NUM­BER 14

CAPRICORN That glo­ri­ously lov­ing side of your na­ture is about to show seem to ma­ture like fine wine. It’s time to show oth­ers just what a tal­ented soul you re­ally are. You can ex­pect a wind­fall of dosh right out of the blue. LUCKY NUM­BER 17 AQUARIUS Just hold fire for a day or so be­fore mak­ing any cru­cial de­ci­sions. Per­haps be­cause of the in­flu­ence of the planet Saturn, your luck will change and lead you to fol­low your in­tu­ition. As you lead oth­ers will fol­low. LUCKY NUM­BER 12

PISCES All that glit­ters is not gold, so be­ware of tykes try­ing to pull the wool over your eyes. There seem to be narks and scoundrels com­ing from all direc­tions, only to be de­fused by your street­ tell ’em. LUCKY NUM­BER 3

ARIES As you leap in to a bostin’ new year you’ll prob­a­bly won­der where all your new found en­ergy is com­ing from. At least you’ll get all those im­por­tant jobs done in dou­ble quick time. LUCKY NUM­BER 11 TAURUS Some­times it’s best to see all and say noth­ing, es­pe­cially in your work­ing life. Maybe this is a good time to ask for a rise. You never know that cheeky ap­proach may be just the ticket to get you your own way. LUCKY NUM­BER 26

GEMINI You need to have eyes in the back of your head to find out where oth­ers are com­ing from, but once you’ve worked it out, all will be re­vealed to your ad­van­tage. You could be head­ing for a bostin’ bo­nanza. LUCKY NUM­BER 5

CAN­CER Ex­pect to get out and spread your self about a lot more. Your pop­u­lar­ity is grow­ing and with a lit­tle bit of luck so will your bank bal­ance. This is the right time for a bit of self pam­per­ing. LUCKY NUM­BER 66 LEO There may be those who want to make un­due de­mands on your time and re­sources, so you have to make clear de­ci­sions on when to say no. Put your foot down with a firm hand and you re­ally can’t go wrong. LUCKY NUM­BER 7

VIRGO Hold your head up high when it comes to com­pe­ti­tion, you’re be­ing en­cir­cled by Venus which means that you could be­come an au­to­matic win­ner in what­ever you at­tempt. Your con­fi­dence should be at peak level. LUCKY NUM­BER 78

LIBRA Ex­cer­cise a bit of com­mon sense when it comes to re­solv­ing dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions, us­ing your loaf will win ev­ery time when deal­ing with the smooth talk­ers in au­thor­ity. Tell ’em straight and you re­ally can’t lose. LUCKY NUM­BER 44

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