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Competitio­n success for top brass band


LANGLEY Band recently took part in the Oxford Area Open Competitio­n finishing in second place. The band’s principal euphonium player, Saphran Ali, won the prize for best instrument­alist.

Langley Band will be performing their Spring Concerts at the Barlow Theatre in Langley on Friday, 20th March, at 8pm and also on Saturday, 21st March, at 7.30pm. This will be the first in their everpopula­r series of concerts for 2020 at this venue. The programme will be varied featuring some of the best tunes from the brass band repertoire.

The band will be conducted by their popular musical director, Cliff Parker, well known for his jokes and amusing tales. Tickets are £9 each (£6 for 16 and under) and are available from 01384 918547.

Langley Band are one of the oldest brass bands in the Midlands, having been formed in 1878, and includes players from all walks of life and ranging in age from 16 to 75.

Details of all the band’s activities can be found on their website www.langleyban­

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Langley Band

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