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REGARDING the photograph in Issue 1435 (February 26) of Willenhall FC.

This photograph [reproduced at left] appeared in The Sports Argus of Saturday 6th May 1922 under the heading of ‘Champions of the Birmingham League’. Also listed with the picture were the following names: Back row: B Jones (trainer), Mr G Proffitt, J Birch, J Humphries, H Day, Mr A Knowles, Mr A Leeson, Mr F Moseley.

Middle row: O Chattoe, John Harris, M Lane, J Needham, L Rhodes, James Harris. Front row: E Silvers, H Buttery, W Spencer. It is noted that in the back row there are eight names but it would seem that there are nine individual­s. Presumably the fourth from left, seen peeping over the shoulder of others, was an interested spectator.

Footnote: Jack Needham was player-coach/manager. Moses Lane, who appears in the middle row, featured in the Football League after his time at Willenhall.

He played for Birmingham, Derby County and Walsall. While at Walsall he made 57 appearance­s in the Third Division (Southern Section). He scored a remarkable 51 goals before injury curtailed his first-class career.

Terry Harrison, Walsall

 ??  ?? Willnehall FC, very nearly a century ago
Willnehall FC, very nearly a century ago

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