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MANY folk still lament the passing of the trolleybus­es, which once plied their way across the Black Country. Two of our boroughs once ran their own fleets, Wolverhamp­ton and Walsall.

The Wolverhamp­ton Corporatio­n trolleybus service began operations in 1923 and by the ’30s it had grown to be the largest system in the world. Walsall Corporatio­n began running its trolleybus services in 1931.

However, after the Second World War trolleybus­es fell out of favour across the UK, although the Black Country held out longer than many other regions. Wolverhamp­ton closed its service in 1967 and the last Walsall trolleybus ran in 1970.

Our picture shows a Wolverhamp­ton trolleybus, fleet number 433, registrati­on number DUK833. This was bought by the town in 1946, a Sunbeam W4 built in Wolverhamp­ton, with a wartime utility body by Park Royal. It was rebodied by Roe in the late 1950s, extending its service life until the end of operations in 1967.

This is one of the four Wolverhamp­ton trolleybus­es known to have been preserved and can now be seen running at the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley.

 ??  ?? Wolverhamp­ton Corporatio­n Sunbeam trolleybus
Wolverhamp­ton Corporatio­n Sunbeam trolleybus

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