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Youngsters ready to tread the boards


WE have no names for these young thespians, but we can be pretty sure they were from a school in West Bromwich.

The picture was one of dozens in an old trunk which once belonged to captain in the 10th Gurkha Rifles, one Stephen Workman.

Stephen was born in Handsworth in 1924 and grew up in West Bromwich. He was old enough to serve during the Second World War, and given that the children on the picture are about ten or twelve, we’d guess that Stephen is among them, and that it dates from the mid-1930s.

We know that Stephen survived the war after serving with the Gurkhas in India, and went on to serve in Indonesia before returning to Britain in 1947.

Back in Civvy Street he went into business, buying a printing firm, along with his brother Harold, which operated from a works in Bromsgrove. He died in 1979, aged just 55. We have a photograph of Stephen in his Gurkha uniform, but we can’t pinpoint him in the school crowd.

Does anyone recognise a family member among them? Can you tell us what school this may have been? Our contact details are on page 2.

 ??  ?? A West Bromwich school production, from the mid-1930s
A West Bromwich school production, from the mid-1930s
 ??  ?? Right: Stephen Workman
Right: Stephen Workman

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