Black Country Bugle

General Knowledge Quiz


1 Who wrote the 1817 opera La Gazza Ladra or The Thieving Magpie? A Richard Wagner B Hector Berlioz C Gioachino Rossini

2 Who won his first Bafta for playing the title role in ITV drama The Lost Honour of Christophe­r Jefferies? A Chiwetel Ejiofor B Christophe­r Eccleston C Jason Watkins

3 Which Nobel Prize in Literature winner’s stage plays include Getting Married and On the Rocks? A George Bernard Shaw B Winston Churchill C Harold Pinter

4 Which Scottish football team are known as the Bhoys? A Celtic B Aberdeen C Dundee

5 What is the country of origin of

Brie cheese?

A Italy

B Russia

C France 6 Of which island is Antananari­vo the capital?

A Madagascar

B Cuba

C Haiti

Steve Martin See Question 10. 7 The Pillars of Hercules are on either side of which narrow body of water between Europe and Africa? A Dover Strait B Cook Strait C Strait of Gibraltar

8 What instrument’s name is translated from the German phrase ‘wing horn’? A Flugelhorn B Bodhran C Saxophone

9 Of which country did Tony Abbott become Prime Minister in 2013?

A Canada B Republic of Ireland C Australia

10 Which US mystery-comedy streaming series was co-created by Steve Martin and stars him as a semi-retired actor named Charles? A The Good Place B Only Murders in the Building C The Staircase

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