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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Which Christian period of fasting and penance begins on Ash Wednesday? A Pentecost B Easter C Lent D Advent

2. Who wrote The Caretaker in 1960?

A Arthur Miller B Sylvia Plath C Norman Mailer D Harold Pinter

3. Who wrote The English Constituti­on in 1867?

A Walter Bagehot B William Wycherley C Queen Victoria D Lord Salisbury

4. Which fruit from the tree Ficus carica is known for its laxative properties? A Plum B Pear C Fig D Apple

5. Which imported adult drama series was set in Wentworth Detention Centre? A Prisoner: Cell Block H B Scrubs C Bad Girls D Cons

6. Paddy Considine and Matt Smith are among the stars of which upcoming fantasy series, which will be a prequel to Game of Thrones? A House of the Rising Sun B House of the Dragon C The Night’s Watch D King’s Landing Matt Smith See Question 6.

7. Which group had a number one hit single in 1980 with Super Trouper? A ABBA B Bucks Fizz C Blondie D Duran Duran

8. Oscar winner Jamie Foxx starred as a hapless taxi driver in which thriller directed by Michael Mann? A Miami Vice B Stealth C Heat D Collateral

9. Which Dominican monk who was head of the Spanish Inquisitio­n was largely responsibl­e for the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492? A Diego de Torquemada B Pablo de Torquemada C Tomás de Torquemada D Fernando de Torquemada 10. What name is given to the nomadic peoples of the Syrian and Arabian deserts? A Shukran B Lailan C Anaizan D Bedouin

11. The film Natural Born Killers was written by Quentin Tarantino and directed by which other filmmaker? A Robert Rodriguez B Kevin Smith C Oliver Stone D Spike Lee

12. Which crustacean is known for its habit of occupying empty snail shells? A Spider crab B Lobster C Hermit crab D Sand crab

13. What was the nickname of Pete Mitchell, the character played by Tom Cruise in Top Gun? A Goose B Iceman C Maverick D Cougar

14. Which star of Waiting For God was a regular in A Very Peculiar Practice?

A Graham Crowden B George Muckden C Jeremy Roberts D Geoff Fisher

15. Who wrote the novel Daniel Deronda?

A Mrs Gaskell B Charles Kingsley C George Eliot D Anthony Trollope

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