Black Country Bugle

Old Bilston Market

By Reg Summerfiel­d


In days gone by I do recall Shopping in Bilston’s old Market Hall I remember a vendor juggling plates and dishes Seafood stalls selling all kinds of fishes.

Halibut, plaice, cod, herring and hake Fresh and ready to boil, fry or bake Fresh meat, ‘the best,’ the butcher’s boast Lamb, beef, veal or pork, ready to roast.

Fresh fruit and veg before your eyes Baked bread, fancy cakes and hot pies Bouquets of flowers in full bloom Wonderful aromas to freshen any room.

We visit market stalls outdoors Carpets and rugs to cover bare floors Hear the vendors call and shout As they roll and measure the lino out.

Wallpapers and paints of every kind of hue Colours of the rainbow, red, white and blue. Hardware, pots and pans of tin and steel Bicycles, buggies on every kind of wheel.

Clothing to suit – bargains galore Cheaper than any High Stree store Ladies and gents’ ware, off the peg Hosiery to suit any kind of leg.

Boots and shoes for all sizes of feet Whether outsize, wide, or just petite Tired out now after that shopping spree Relax in the market cafe with a cuppa tea.

To shop at a good market is a pleasure Memories of old Bilston, times to treasure.

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