Black Country Bugle

A saviour was sent to guide us home through the fog


I remember one day I went to visit my gran, with my mom and my sister June, during the month of October 1948.

June was 8½ and I was 7 years of age. We always loved to visit Gran, and we would always have a great time, but Gran was the type of person you had to watch. She was a devil with the scissors, and always wanted to cut our hair!

But on this occasion, my mom said NO, you will not cut their hair today, I’ve just got it to the right length. June and I had smiles on our faces, knowing that Mom wouldn’t let Gran loose with the scissors.

So off we went to play for a while, and we were having a lovely time, until Gran called us in for our tea.

We had eaten our tea and enjoyed a lovely day. Mom said we’d have to get ready to go home, and as she opened the door to leave, she suddenly said, ‘Oh my God, it’s foggy!’

Gran said, ‘you can’t go home in this, you’ll have to stop the night.’ Mom said we couldn’t, even though there weren’t any buses. We’d have to walk. It wasn’t like the fog you see today, you couldn’t see your hand in front of you.

Gran lived at 310 Bromford Lane, Oldbury, where the roundabout is now.

So, we all held hands and started to walk through the dark and fog. I bumped into the letterbox, it was so bad. We managed to get into Oldbury, then we heard a man’s voice. He asked us where we were going. ‘We’re going to Warley,’ Mom said. The man replied that he was too. He gave June and me a glove to put on and we all held hands as we walked along. We eventually reached the Hen and Chickens, and the man said ‘this is where I must leave you. Do you know where you have to go?’ Mom replied ‘Yes, we’ll be OK from here thank you very much.’ It wasn’t until we stopped under a lamp post that we could see who this man was. The man who guided us home was a vicar. I think the lord told him to help us home on that foggy evening, and he did. My sister June and I will never forget that day we went to our gran’s. “I will be 81 years of age this year and June is now 83. I look forward to the Bugle every week, because it brings back so many memories from the past. I have been a fan of the Bugle for many years and look forward to reading many more editions.

It was only when we stopped under a street lamp that we could see who this man was

Keep up the good work, God Bless Gillian Mcculloch

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