Black Country Bugle



Tensions run high at the Panesars’ this week as Kheerat and Nish remain at loggerhead­s.

Nish feels let down when Kheerat and Ash fail to show up for a family dinner, with Kheerat instead going to see Stacey, where he opens up about his dad – and drops a massive bombshell about what happened when someone got “too close” to Suki.

Jack is also in protective mode,

raging at Denzel when he sees him with Amy – and he’d only gone to see her to tell her he wanted to take things slowly.

Jack has Denzel up against the wall and he manages to push Amy away by laying down the law.

The whole scene is witnessed, though, and Jack later learns from his boss that he will be investigat­ed for assault.

Of course, as far as Jack is concerned, this is absolutely everybody’s fault except his own.

 ?? ?? Kheerat’s trip to see Stacey upsets Nish
Kheerat’s trip to see Stacey upsets Nish
 ?? ?? Denise and Jack
Denise and Jack

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