Black Country Bugle



Stu has to step up to the plate this week, with Lucy and Bridget having been charged by police.

He’s terrified for them, but has to put on a brave face for Eliza’s sake. Then he gets a call from the jail - it’s Bridget, and she has a big favour to ask.

Bridget explains that she and Lucy have pleaded guilty to murder, and she needs Stu to take care of Eliza.

It’s not until later in the week, when he’s visited by a social worker, that he realises just how complicate­d this request will turn out to be.

Elsewhere, Nick and Sam are preparing to mark the anniversar­y of Natasha’s death when Leanne nips out to run some errands. Far from going to the cash and carry like she says, though, she actually goes to visit Harvey in prison. Walter, meanwhile, makes the mistake of leaving Fern alone in the jewellers – a move that ends badly for both him and Bernie.

 ?? ?? Stu puts on a brave face
Stu puts on a brave face
 ?? ?? Leanne visits Harvey
Leanne visits Harvey

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