Black Country Bugle

Two Happy Bunnies With his Grandad by his side

- By Bob Broadfield by Mick Morris

A white bunny rabbit went for a hop And saw something nice, which caused him to stop A black bunny rabbit was preening her fur Without hesitation he went up to her.

They liked what they saw and decided to nibble And went through life with hardly a quibble.

The moral dear reader is easy to find These bunny rabbits were both colour blind.

A little boy stood in the chapel With his grandad by his side At the funeral of his father Where they had come to say Goodbye. He had made his mother a promise He would not break down and cry.

He bit his quivering lips So hard, he made them bleed. Then he felt his grandad’s arms around him For he had seen his need.

His father died in an accident At the end of the working day A drunk driver jumped the lights And took his father’s life away.

No more will he go camping When the weather is fine Or hear him shouting at football From off the touchline.

Then he looked across at his mother Who was crying profusely And immediatel­y thought of his promise Why her, and not me?

When the service was over His grandad said ‘come on son, don’t you cry’ For with God’s help beside us We will manage, and get by.

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