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No garden is truly complete without a shed – and real enthusiast­s often have several.

So with the gardening season winding down, why not make the most of yours? Start with a good clear-out. Be hard hearted. Ask yourself, will you ever really use the empty jam jars or bucket of old screws?

Reorganise the essentials tidily. Hang gardening tools up on hooks. That’s also the most space-saving way to store a small hover mower since it folds back flat.

Tins of paint and similar items are best arranged on shelves so you can easily find what you want.

Invest in a few large clear plastic stackable storage boxes for small hand tools and easily lost gear such as labels, green split canes, raffia and string. They are also the ideal way to keep packets of fertiliser dry.

If you have garden produce to store such as potatoes, pumpkins, squashes, apples, summer bulbs and tubers, then use slatted wooden stacking trays or store them in nets suspended from the roof.

Fix yourself a workbench, even if it’s just a sheet of old Formica worktop resting on a couple of wooden crates. Salvage a comfy stool too.

Now all you need is a cushion, radio and a flask of tea and you are set up to start “indoor” winter jobs such as sharpening tools, cleaning plant labels and pots, treating canes and mucking out the mower, along with DIY projects.

 ?? ?? What sort of shape is your garden shed in?
What sort of shape is your garden shed in?

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