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General Knowledge Quiz


1. Whose assassinat­ion in 1914 triggered the First World War?

A Kaiser Wilhelm B Pope Benedict XV C Archduke Ferdinand D Victor Emmanuel III

2. What name is given to a plant that grows on another plant for support in a non-parasitic way? A Phlytite B Mytite C Epiphyte D Ossosyte

3. Who wrote Lord Jim, Nostromo and Heart of Darkness?

A William Thackeray B Anthony Trollope C George Meredith D Joseph Conrad

4. What name was given to bars that illegally sold alcohol during the Prohibitio­n? A Talkies B Distillers C Speakeasie­s D Open Taps

5. To which family of birds do canaries and siskins belong? A Tits B Rooks C Parrots D Finches

6. Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey will star in which 2023 postapocal­yptic TV drama based on a video game of the same name? A The Walking Dead B The Last of Us C Mad Max D Horizon Zero Dawn

Pedro Pascal See Question 6.

7. Which former gateway to the City of London was physically relocated to Paternoste­r Square, close to St Paul’s Cathedral? A Menin Bar B Queens Bar C Righton Bar D Temple Bar

8. The words to the hymn Jerusalem are taken from a poem by which British poet and artist? A Robert Burns B William Blake C William Wordsworth D Samuel Taylor Coleridge

9. Which British Pre-raphaelite artist painted Christ in the House of his Parents? A Sir John Everett Millais B Sir James Everett Milton C Sir Jim Earnest Mcdonald D Sir John Mathew Oakes 10. Which German composer, who assisted Wagner with Parsifal, is best known for the opera Hansel und Gretel? A Wolfgang Humperdinc­k B Engelbert Humperdinc­k C Claus Humperdinc­k D Friedrich Humperdinc­k

11. Hallowe’en is the eve of which Christian festival? A Holy Day B All Souls’ Day C Easter Day D All Saints’ Day

12. What is the usual British name for the domestic heating fuel also called kerosene? A Paraffin B Petrol C Diesel D Methanol

13. Which lanthanide element is represente­d by the symbol Ce? A Caesium B Chlorine C Curium D Cerium

14. Of which Italian city is La Scala opera house a feature?

A Milan B Turin C Rome D Venice

15. Of which ocean is the Sea of Japan a part?

A Atlantic Ocean B Indian Ocean C Arctic Ocean D Pacific Ocean

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